Building History

     On the northeast corner of Belleview and Cramer sits a sprawling sandy brown brick mansion with red trim. Throughout the years, it has served as a home, a rehabilitation center, and a community based residential facility. Since 2006, this historical mansion has functioned as Abundant Life Manor, a 42-bed non-profit community based residential facility (CBRF) specializing in long-term geriatric psychiatry. The facility uses an integrated care model, the “STAR” method, which was developed by Tim Howell, MD, MA. In 2006, Abundant Life Ministry converted the mansion from the failing CBRF it was into the thriving establishment it is today. Utilizing the “STAR” method, Abundant Life Manor has helped many older adults with behavioral health issues develop critical thinking skills as well as values like kindness, personal responsibility and respect for others. The “STAR” treatment plan focuses on the patient’s medical, psychiatric, personal and social needs in addition to their medications. An integral part of the mission of Abundant Life is compassionate care. This means less emphasis on traditional healthcare and more focus on hospitality. Residents enjoy delectable meals and engaging activities that strengthen their creativity and social skills. During the summer, the staff opens up “Cafe Belleview” on the patio, a place for residents to enjoy their food in the atmosphere of an outdoor restaurant. Residents and staff also go on an annual camping trip, a highlight of many peoples’ year. Although it is innovative and specialized, Abundant Life Manor is not exclusive. The majority of residents are supported by Family Care, a government program that helps fund long-term care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Family Care, in conjunction with the “STAR” method, allows these neglected members of society to grow and develop in a nurturing environment where they are treated as people, not patients.